The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on many aspects of our lives and on the ways in
which many organisations have been functioning.
In this assignment you should focus on the impact that it has had on the prevalence and use of various
information and communications technologies.
Answer the following questions based on your analysis of both the content of the article below and
on further information that you can find from other credible sources including the internet.
Explicitly cite the sources that you use, using APA7th referencing style
Try to link your analysis to academic theory whenever possible.
Question 1 (10 points)
1.1: Consider the issues raised for Vodafone NZ, through CEOs message:
How has COVID-19 affected the business of Vodafone?
Question 2 (10 points)
By taking two other examples, discuss how businesses have used technology to transform their
work practices during the pandemic of COVID-19? How does businesses, industries work differently
during this time?
Question 3 (15 points)
Part 1: COVID-19 times has shown the need for digitization and forced most businesses to be digital.
By doing further research, identify and discuss at least three future trends in this direction we may
see post-COVID-19.
Part 2: What aspects of social change influenced by technology do you anticipate post-COVID-19 era?
Good quality writing and use of correct referencing is required.
Group work is not allowed, and your report should be your and only your work. Massey’s provisions
regarding plagiarism fully apply (please, refer to the Academic Misconduct page of the Assessment
Assignment format
You have a choice to submit the assignment
A. Written, as a MS Word or PDF document (approx. 2200 words).
B. Recorded, as a sequence of PowerPoint slides with accompanying audio (approx. 10 slides,
approx. 1 minutes audio per slide)
Choose either (A) or (B). Do not do both

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