Select an organization, that you have or are currently working in (Tri Counties Bank), that is on a performance excellence journey using the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program Criteria for Performance Excellence, the Business Excellence Framework
Pursuing Excellence Final Paper and Presentation – 25%

Your paper should include:

an introduction that ends with a topic sentence
Overview of the Organization: A brief overview of the organization and the service delivery system,
Overview of the Baldrige Categories: A brief overview of the Baldrige categories
Analysis by Category: A high level analysis of the organization using the Criteria for Performance Excellence for that industry segment for each category.
For each process category (Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management, Workforce Focus, and Process), identify 3-5 strengths, and 3-5 opportunities to improve.
Recommendations: Strategic/Quality improvement recommendations for each of the opportunities identified with support for the soundness of these recommendations from the literature. Papers should reflect industry and firm-specific concerns.
a conclusion
Grading note:

<3 strengths and <3 weaknesses per category will be an Average (C) paper at best.
An A paper will require 4-5 strengths and 4-5 opportunities for each category AND will require all opportunities are addressed with recommendations in the recommendations section.
Requirements: A formal paper in APA format, 8 to 10 pages in length, with at least 6-8 quality references

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