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The management of the employment relationship is a key process to achieve the goals of an organisation. HR plays a critical role in both developing and training managers and leaders to effectively create and nurture relationships but also how to measure and monitor if those relationships are meeting the expected objectives.

Lowe found that because employees have limited influence on their workplace, their best way to protect themselves is finding a job in another company. Weak employment relationships are linked with low morale and low engagement whilst a strong synergy will see high levels of productivity growth and job satisfaction (Lowe and Schellenberg, 2001).

A number of factors must be considered when creating an employment relationship such as identifying objectives the business aims for in relation to attracting and retaining employees, time to hire and employee satisfaction, next they must determine the needs of their employees through formal and informal communication with individual employees to understand the needs of a diverse range of factors such as age, gender etc. Other areas such as work/life balance must be considered while open communication allows employees to understand the organisation’s position and mission and how this impacts on them. Measuring and monitoring results enables management and HR to identify any discontent and develop strategies to strength relationships (Richards, 2020).

Management within a business has the greatest influence on the 3 environmental factors affecting employment relationships. These are the resources provided that enable workers to be effective, how work is managed and organised and the type of jobs provided (Harcourt and Wood, 2007). The relationship requires a balance and cooperation to benefit both the business and employee. It is extremely important that managers and front line supervisors are the key link between them to foster and develop positive employment relationships.

Do you believe managers are the key link to developing strong employment relationships?

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