Artist Reviews 1-5

Choose two different color photographers and an image from each photographer. Submit a single spaced half page detailed description comparing and contrasting the two separate images by describing how color is essential to the visual impact and the meaning of the images. Place the two images side-by-side with space in between and above the paragraph. Label the images with the artist’s names.

Why is an Artist Review important? This is an opportunity to continue researching color photographers in the field that inspire you. When you take the time to think deeply about successful pictures and unpack the strong characteristics within images you will inevitably grow as an image maker. Believe it or not, having the ability to articulate both visually, verbally, AND in writing is an essential skill that you will utilize continually in your professional career. Trust that every assignment your professors give you is designed to be a valuable learning experience so please delve deep and permit yourself to grow from them! When you’ve put that kind of energy and effort in, I look forward to seeing what you produce.

Use the Color Theory vocabulary that you have learned in your writing; the psychological effect of color schemes (complementary which can be harsh/dramatic verses analogous which can be harmonious/soothing and why the photographers chose to use these combinations), the simultaneous contrast of colors, active and passive characteristics, cultural interpretations, negative/positive meanings of color, etc. To compare and contrast the pictures well you will have to do a thoughtful investigation of their concept and intentions behind using color in combination with the compositional strategies and various components of their images. Please don’t be vague, general or generic in your writing. An example of a sentence that describes ‘how color is essential to the visual impact and the meaning of the image’ is; “In the image by photographer Alex Webb, he shot late in the day in Haiti when color and light are particularly vivid, and he used contrasting complementary color harmonies as a way to symbolize the vibrancy of a culture despite the hardships that people have faced”.

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