• analyze the psychological background of Sophie from Sophie’s World
  • identify the factors that most significantly impact a character to create a psychological profile for Sophie
  • apply what you have read – SPECIFIC EXAMPLES in Sophie’s World and communicate your understanding of her personality
    For the purposes of this assignment, a psychological profile of a character is a list and explanation of the various factors that affect a character’s motivation and decision making throughout the course of the novel.
    To begin the psychological profile activity, consider these questions: What specific factors influenced Sophie throughout the novel? What specific factors must a reader look at to understand why she acts specific ways?
    The factors that can make up a character’s psychological profile include: family, emotions, historical events, interactions with a specific environment, physical traits, social influences, religion, etc. Decide on the 3-4 most influential factors for Sophie.For each factor look for: a) evidence of the factor’s influence (paragraph explaining why you chose the specific factor and how this factor was influential for the character during the course of the novel) b) a quote to support or illustrate each factor (a quote for each factor that best exemplifies this influence on the life of a character.)
    Size A4

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