instructions for Genetics Term paper: This assignment is worth 30% of your grade.
Term paper: (20%)
Report should be 5 pages in length.
What is the background of gene editing?
Who was responsible for the discovery?
What benefit does it have?
Are there different types of gene editing?
How does it work?
Who makes it?
What are the ethically implications of human gene editing?
Have there been any instances of human gene editing?
Are there any commercial applications?
All information MUST BE CORRECTLY CITED IN TEXT and references included in a REFERENCE
CITED list at the end of the paper.
The Biology Department has adopted APA reference styling.
Primary and secondary sources must be identified in the REFERENCES CITED list.

All internet sites are considered SECONDARY sources and are not acceptable. To find PRIMARY
sources, you can use the electronic databases in the Library.
Science Direct and BioOne are good databases for science as well as

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