Post a response to the following discussion topics.

Web Navigation Discussion: Research and discuss web navigation. Include discussion of web site navigation design patterns.
Web Optimization Discussion: Research and discuss strategies and techniques for optimizing web site performance.
Discuss and research on your own (do not just agree with another student in your replies). It is important that you always post substantive contributions in the Discussion Forums. Your posts should be meaningful, relevant to the topic, and further the discussion.

A Substantive Post DOES NOT Involve…

posting how you “feel” or what you “like” or “dislike”
posting that you agree or disagree with your instructor, your classmates, or other sources
repeating content posted by other participants in the discussion or in course materials
informing your instructor and classmates that you do not have an opinion on the topic
A Substantive Post DOES Involve…

making useful connections between course materials, objectives, and concepts
elaborating on and clarifying conceptual meanings
suggesting how content and concepts can be applied to class assignments
offering useful examples to ground ideas
noting important ramifications of ideas
showing logical inconsistencies between ideas

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