The purpose of this is to increase awareness of available resources and encourage the development of a professional “database” to better serve future clients. The state you should use is Louisiana.

• Identify resources that exist within your community, organization, or online that could provide assistance with a wide variety of needs.

o Resources could include food banks, financial assistance, domestic violence shelters, suicide prevention phone numbers, churches, clothing banks, food preparation/nutrition classes, financial planning training, et cetera. Ensure that your list encompasses a broad range of needs, physical, emotional, spiritual, et cetera.

• Create a list of these resources

This list must be diverse and include at least 10 resources that would be helpful to your client population. When you list your information, you must include the name of the organization that provides the assistance, the type of assistance that they provide, and the people who can use their services. Also note if there are any exclusion criteria (for example, if an agency will only service those who live within a specific geographical area, the agency will only offer assistance once per month, etc.).

The information must be presented in a manner consistent with APA format.

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