Essay Requirement


Required Reading : “Why Target failed in Canada, and what other companies can learn from it” by Dara St. Louis, last updated January 04, 2019

Format: 2 Pages-No spaces, 11 Font, bullet point acceptable, preferred is full English.

Target Stores- Assignment Details

  • Using knowledge learned from the Hydro One reading, apply your thinking skills and analyze the Target Stores Canada failure. You will be asked to describe how the Target Stores disaster could have been avoided applying the three Phases and Tools (Exhibits 3-9) from Hydro One:
    • Phases One to Three: Steps in the ERM Process
      • Phase One: Risk Workshops and the Delphi Method
      • Phase Two: Reviewing the Corporate Risk Profile
      • Phase Three: Risk-based Investment Appraisal and Planning
    • Exhibits 3 to 9: Tools Used in ERM Process
      • Ex. 3: Objectives-Impact Matrix
      • Ex. 4: Probability Scales
      • Ex. 5: Control Strength Assessment
      • Ex. 6: Impact-Probability Risk Map
      • Ex. 7: Corporate Risk Profile Trends
      • Ex. 8: Changes/Events Since Last Risk Profile
      • Ex. 9: Summaries of Interviews
  • Be Specific to Target Stores. You must refer specifically to the Target Stores reading article.
  • Determine three key risks which led to the collapse of Target Stores Canada. In each Phase and Tool, refer to who you would have applied them to Target Stores.

Example: Phase One- Risk Workshops and the Delphi Method.

  • Holding Workshops with key employees at Target Stores Canada while the company was being built
    • Asking them to identify the key risks which they felt were occurring

Q- Do I need to read other articles about Target Stores.

A- No. Just read the Required Reading article by Dara St. Louis. You do not need to be an expert in why Target Stores failed- you do need to demonstrate your knowledge in ERM (primarily “the Five Steps in the ERM Process”) from this course

Don’t repeat hydro one, use hydro one applied it. Do analysis based on the target store, use hydro one principle.

No references, you don’t need to research online, just used the article provided,  you don’t need to write the citation page.

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