For your third paper, please write 1,000 words on the prompt below:
Based on our books (Sarah Trembanis’ The Set-up Men and Rob Ruck’s Raceball)
as well as our other readings and lectures, answer the following question. Be sure
to use material from those books,in answering this
question. How has the overwhelmingly white Major League Baseball power
structure (the commissioner, league officials, club owners, and team executives)
maintained its dominance over non-white and/or foreign baseball from 1920 until
the present?
Your essay MUST have a clear, concise, and specific thesis statement/argument that guides the
rest of your paper. This thesis statement must directly respond to the prompt. Please refer to the
documents on Bb Learn about constructing an effective thesis statement for recommendations on
how to do this.
Your essay MUST properly use Chicago Style footnotes or endnotes.

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