Part III: Individual written essay in response to a choice of set questions on challenges and opportunities for leadership, management, partnership working and collaboration in healthcare (2000 words 60% of module mark)

Students should choose one of the following essay titles:

  1. Can managers in health and care organizations learn to lead?
  • To what extent have health and care organizational realities elevated the concept of leadership to a lofty status and level of significance?
  • What promise does the Healthcare Leadership Model offer to enhance management and leadership capability in health and care organizations?


  • Essays should have a clear structure, e.g.:
    • Introduction to the topic of choice and justification of its importance for leading, managing and organizing quality and safety in healthcare.
    • Comprehensive coverage and discussion of relevant issues and debates associated with, or raised by the topic, and application of relevant theory.
    • Conclusion (and where relevant, suggestions for good practice in the area).
  • Students may find it helpful to use sub-headings to emphasize the structure.
  • Thorough referencing of key publications and/or reports is essential, except where providing one’s own critical reflections and arguments.

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