• The report should be between 4 and 7 pages in length (12 point font and double-spaced).  Follow the paper outline for the organization of the paper and use the same headings and subheadings.

Project Instructions and Content

  1. Choose an organization that engages in observable marketing. You can make it easier by choosing an organization that you can easily observe the marketing efforts of and are familiar with. If you choose a very large organization that markets many different products, focus your paper on one product or product line. For example, if you choose Chevrolet, you can address trucks (or even a particular model of truck), or Corvettes. If you choose a local business you can visit their place of business and possibly speak with those in charge of marketing. You may choose any organization you wish, as long as it is in good taste and markets something.

Another option is to choose the organization you work for if you are comfortable doing so.  This option provides an opportunity to assess marketing in a context that is likely to be more familiar and accessible for you.

  • After choosing an organization, your next step is to identify and describe the target market for the products(s) about which you are writing. Do not say something like “young, mid-to-upper class women who wash their hair,” but consider the target market in more meaningful and guiding detail. Try to pinpoint the element(s) that makes the target market respond to the firm’s marketing mix in ways that are different from people who are not members of it. For example, “young mid-to-upper class women who wash their hair, perceive that they might have a dandruff problem, are motivated by prestige and glamour, and like to pamper themselves and are willing to pay a little extra to do it.” A good statement lets you say who is in the target market and who is not. It is difficult to do a good job on this paper if you do a poor job of defining the target market and also quite difficult to be confident in decision making when practicing marketing.
  • After discussing the target market, you should then discuss the marketing-mix (the four Ps) the firm is using to attract the chosen target market. You should describe each of the four Ps, then discuss and analyze how each one is being used to attract members of the target market. You should also address the synergy of the four Ps together, especially if you see that one or more does not fit the others.

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