Write a research paper that is between 10 to 12 pages in length and includes the following basic structure.

•    Identify a key issue and supporting research question in Homeland Security and Emergency Management (one page).
•    Create one research hypothesis that may answer the research question. (one page). The hypothesis must be clearly stated in a stand-alone statement then supported with a paragraph discussion.
•    Establish research variables for analysis and subsequent confirmation or refute of the research hypothesis (roughly two to three pages). The research variables must be clearly stated in a stand-alone statement then supported with a paragraph discussion to describe the type of variable, whether is it dependent or independent.
•    Conduct a Literature Review for the topic selected. This research must be supported by at least eight scholarly, professional, or official government resources, five of which can be found in the Ashford University Library. Use the Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources  document for guidance. The course textbook will not be considered a valid reference for the resources requirement (two to four pages).
•    Analyze the research question and supporting hypothesis (one to two pages).
•    Construct a conclusion of research (results and answer of the research) ( one to two pages).
•    Include a reference page, which does not count towards the summative assignments page total. The reference page should be as long as needed to accurately account for all utilized research materials. Each item of the reference page should be in APA style. All references listed on the reference page must be used and cited within the paper.

The Capstone Research Project must be at least 10 pages in length. You must use at least eight scholarly, official government, or professional references, to support your thesis. At least five of these resources must come from the Ashford University Library. All sources must be properly cited in text as well as on the reference page. The Capstone Research Project must be formatted according to APA style.

The Capstone Research Project
•    Must be 10 to 12 double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.).
•    Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement.
•    Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
•    Must include proper methodology and statistical support within the paper
•    Must end with a conclusion that proves or disproves your Research Question.
•    Must use at least 8 scholarly sources.
•    The Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources.
•    Must document all sources in APA style.

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