While representations of women have changed considerably over the past 25 years to accommodate the changing roles of women in society, some of the subliminal messages conveyed by the media has remained the same. These portrayals have shown that the media acts as a transmitter of potentially problematic, socially desirable values and norms, such as the obsession with physical attractiveness and thinness. Objectification of women leaders by the media may restrict exposure to other dimensions, such as competence and leadership skills.

Write a 3-4 page paper detailing how your views on the leadership capabilities of women are shaped by what you see/read in the media.

Ensure the following points are addressed:
How women leaders use media to create spaces and public awareness of women’s issues, problems and concerns.
How have social network sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, added new dimensions to how traditional media portray women? Is this a plus or minus?
Has the portrayal of women in the media had an adverse affect on women in leadership positions?

Use two prominent examples from the current news as examples.
Scholarly academic resources using APA format.

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