Essay 3 Prompt Analysis


Essay 2 at Overview

PURPOSE: For this essay, we will engage texts in order to develop your position on the prompt below.
LENGTH: Essay 3 requires a well-organized essay with an introduction, two body paragraphs, a conclusion, and a works cited on the prompt using one in-class source.
DRAFTING: You will complete discussion post, an outline, and final draft for this essay.

Main Goals for Essay 3

Develop a thesis that unifies the ideas through different topics sentences and quotes in your essay.
Effectively summarize a key concept from the text for readers who have not read the text.
Choose specific examples from your personal experience as a student and discuss how those examples illustrate how your chosen topic has impacted you as a student.

Source for Essay 3

In-Class Source:

“I Just Wanna Average” by Mike Rose

Essay 3 Prompt:

Why should students want to be more than “average”?

Begin with an introduction paragraph that has as its last sentence a thesis that asserts an opinion(position) on why students should want to be more than average with a rationale (an explanation of that opinion).
In your first body paragraph, explain what it means to be average and its effects on a person’s life.
In your second body paragraph, explain why students should want to be more than average in school.
End with a conclusion paragraph that reviews your essay’s main ideas and source as well as a lasting thought.

Assignment Guidelines __________________________________________________________________

LENGTH: Write a well-organized four paragraph essay that provides an original answer to the prompt that you must argue/prove through the use of your sources and analysis.
THESIS: Have a clearly defined main argument (thesis) that connects to your entire essay. Prove your position and rationale on the prompt and return to that main argument throughout your analysis of your sources.
QUOTES: Include a minimum of two quotes from source. Use these quotes to help extend and deepen your thesis. Use quote sandwiches to integrate your sources into your writing.
TONE: Use an academic tone and vocabulary in your writing to give it power and authority. For the first and/or second body paragraph, you may use personal experience, but you do not have to do so. Your focus should be answering the prompt. Utilize specific examples from your own life that help you answer the prompt in a meaningful, thoughtful manner.
MLA: Follow MLA format/conventions including in- text citations and work cited page. Use 12 pt. Times New Roman or 11pt. Calibri font, double space, and have one-inch margins all the way around.
TITLE: Have an original, creative title.
GROWTH MINDSET:Put in effort and time! Use your resources! Challenges and struggle help you grow and improve. YOU CAN DO IT!!

General Essay Structure:

Introduction (first paragraph):

_ 1. Introduce your topic by using a “hook”.

_ 2. Introduce the topics to be discussed in the essay.

_ 3. Provide a brief (1-2 sentence) summary of the MAIN works to be examined as they relate to the essay’s topics.

_ 4. Offer a thesis statement on your essay topic that answers the prompt (last sentence of your introduction).

TWO Body Paragraphs:

_ 1. Begin with a topic sentence that will lead to the support and development of your thesis.

_ 2. Explain/ analyze the idea in your topic sentence.

_ 3. Provide author, title, and context before presenting a quote.

_ 4. For each quote, include a signal phrase, the quote itself, and cite it with a page number in parenthesis.

_ 5. Follow each quote with an analysis/opinion of how it helps answer the prompt and support thesis.

_ 6. End each body paragraph with a concluding sentence.


_ 1. Reinforce your essay’s thesis in the topic sentence.

_ 2. Review your own main positions and ideas from your paragraphs.

_ 3. Reconnect your sources to source’s main ideas as expressed in the body

_ 4. Provide a lasting thought or new insight on your topic.

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