Topic; Explain why emotional intelligence is a valid intelligence.Find and cite at least 3 empirical journal articles to support your stance. Be sure to cite your sources in APA format in the text and include a reference page. Websites/blogs/newspapers/magazines may be used to further demonstrate a point, but will not count towards the 3 articles required for the paper. When citing sources do not quote; instead, You must paraphrase the information (i.e., rephrase using your own wording)
Your paper should meet the following;

  1. Must have at least 3 empirical journal articles. (Websites/blogs/newspapers/magazines may be used to further demonstrate a point, but will not count in the 4 articles required for the paper.)
  2. The methodology of each article has been described, including the type of study done (e.g., correlational; experimental) and how the study was conducted.
  3. Paper includes a conclusion that wraps up the paper and supports the thesis.
  4. Correct within text citations.
  5. Correct reference page formatting.

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