Essay 2: Vals Typology
VALS™ Typology Essay
Length: 3.5-4 pages
Format: Typed, Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced

Please submit in Word or RTF format

If you have problems or concerns –contact me.

Always make and keep a copy of your paper.

Sources: Make sure you have read the VALS™ Website, the VALS™ Overview, and the VALS Graphic Organizer.
As you read, think about what the purposes of these “types” are in terms of advertising.

Open your paper by defining what the VALS typography actually is. Why was it developed and what it is used for? Can you find any connections between VALS and basement beliefs? This needs to be 100% in your own words. Show that you understood and can explain the concept. (1/2 page)
Then locate yourself in the VALS typology. You may not fit exactly into just one, but pick the one that most describes your outlook and experience. A good paper will be descriptive in terms of how this category fits you. What are the traits that fit and why? Does your VALS type reflect the pop culture basement beliefs you ascribe to? (1.5-2 pages)
Choose a product ( a consumer item) that seems aimed at your demographic. (meaning VALS type) Discuss how you think advertisers may have used “stereotyping” to sell the product to a certain demographic. You should choose a specific product that is targeted at YOUR Vals type. You need to explain how the product you pick meshes with the characteristics of your type. You need a specific ad campaign. You can include a link to a video advertisement or attach an image of an ad you found online if you wish. CAUTION: be very specific in the product and the type– don’t choose something like “I phone” or “iPod” that almost all types of people use. Find something specifically marketed to YOUR VALS TYPE (not your age group, not your ethnicity, not your gender…) (1 page)
Conclude with consideration of BOTH what is useful about VALS and what is problematic about VALS. Try to consider the way that social class and access to resources and education shapes the VALS types. Remember– its purpose is advertising! (1/2-1 page)
If you quote from readings, use their title in parentheses, like this: (VALS Overview). If you use any other source, cite the full URL. Any words borrowed need quotes around them and a citation. Example: ” As consumers, they tend to be compulsive.”(

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