Part 1
1)Explain the sources of American law
2)Mrs. Brown comes to you and wants you to discuss the steps involved in legal research and analysis.
3)Discuss the courts at the federal level and their functions.
4) Describe the IRAC method and its function?
5)Explain the process involved in analyzing statutory law. Cite a case that the courts used statutory construction. Cite the specific type(s) of statutory construction used by the court in making their decision.
6) What are the different databases for online research?
7) What are the most popular databases used by attorneys?
8) Discuss some transitional phrases used in legal writing?
9)What are the different types of documents a paralegal might be required to write?
10)Name five administrative agencies and their function?
11) What is the difference between state and federal law?
12) What is the difference between traditional research and online legal research?
13) Explain the term jurisdiction and discuss the various types of jurisdiction that are involved in the legal process
14) Discuss the various parts of briefing a case.
15)What is the difference between case law and statutory law?
16) What is the difference between a case brief and an appellate brief?
Part 2
Mrs. Brown comes to you a paralegal because she was involved in a car accident. She was hit by a bus driver going 100 miles an hour in the state of New York Her car was hit from the back. She suffered a broken leg and arm. She wants to know if she can prevail on a claim of negligence. (please use the IRAC method to answer this case based on the elements of negligence)

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