The upcoming units leading to the essay will help you achieve the following course objectives:
Develop hypotheses inductively by observing examples, patterns of analysis and effective structures.
Develop hypotheses deductively by stating assumptions or inductively derived conclusions and substantiating them with adequate support leading to well-defined conclusions.
Identify ambiguities and recognize them when developing the premises of their argument.
Recognize and employ both inductive and deductive reasoning in writing. This includes the ability to distinguish between fact and inference, to recognize logical fallacies, and to identify and work with assumptions.
Essay 3 Prompt
For this last essay, you are going to examine some episodes of the British series Black Mirror.

Explore these General Questions in Your Essay
How does the Black Mirror episode use satire to uncover some of the most profound realities of our society?
What is the social commentary of the episode?
How does the episode use science fiction to speculate and hype current social media and technology trends?
You can choose any episode of Black Mirror and you can also choose to compare and contrast two episodes. You can also choose the Black Mirror film, Bandersnatch.

Black Mirror is available on Netflix.


5 -7 pages
3-4 sources
MLA format
Effectively use ethos, logos, and pathos
Develop a clear theoretical analysis

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