Directions: Write a paper of 1,500-1750 words in which you develop a service-delivery model for special education services for Justin. Include the following:

Evaluate the role of stakeholders, including the special education director, in the development of the model. What is the special education director’s role in monitoring these processes and procedures? If they are not followed, what is the responsibility of the special education director?
Discuss the assessment tools to be used in the determination of performance levels for Justin. Justify the use of the chosen assessment tools based on research.
Evaluate the role of a multidisciplinary team in the development of a special education service-delivery model for Justin. Justify all decisions regarding the least restrictive environment.
Analyze the role of culture in the model.

Justin Background

Justin was evaluated initially on 2-22-01 and reevaluated on 11-26-03. During the first evaluation, his cognitive ability was assessed using the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – Third Edition (WISC-III), which yielded the following standard scores: Verbal IQ (74), Performance IQ (87), Verbal Comprehension (70), Perceptual Organization (94), and Full Scale IQ (78). During the second evaluation, his Cognitive ability was assessed using the WISC-IV that yielded the following standard scores: Verbal Comprehension (79), Perceptual Reasoning (96), Working Memory (86), Processing Speed (75), and Full Scale IQ (80). On the Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement – Revised (WJ-R), Justin yielded a Basic Reading Skills Cluster standard score of 73 and Reading Comprehension Cluster standard score of 81 during the first evaluation and on the second one (using the WJ-III), he yielded the following standard scores: Listening Comprehension (74), Letter-Word Identification (67), Understanding Directions (67), Writing Samples (58), and Oral Comprehension (85). Other assessments given during the first evaluation includethe Test of Nonverbal Intelligence – 3 (TONI-3), which yielded a standard score of 105; the Key Math – Revised yielded a standard score of 90; the Oral and Written Language Scales resulted in Written Expression standard score of 67 and the Listening Test resulted in a Total Test standard score of 55. The General Adaptive Composite was perceived to be in the Borderline range with strength in the area of socialization. During the second evaluation, Justin was again given the General Adaptive Composite and this time fell in the Lower Extreme range with a standard score of 62 on the ABAS. Placement for both evaluations was made as a student with a SLD.

According to the Social-Developmental and Medical History/Update form, Justin lives in Somewhere, KY with his mother and aunt. English is the primary language spoken in the home. Justin’s mother is responsible for discipline in the home, using verbal corrections. No sleeping problems were reported for Justin.

Academic history indicates that Justin attended preschool/Head Start and has repeated grades. Justin reportedly does not have a problem with tardiness or absenteeism, although his mother reported that he does not like to come to school. His mother indicated that her career expectation for her son is for him to go to college.

On 4-11-05, an ADHD referral was made due to escalating behavioral concerns in the classroom. Permission was received and a referral was made to Ms. Psychologist.

Justin was observed on two separate occasions. This examiner observed Justin in Integrated Math 2 class. Justin was in his seat completing a bellringer exercise. He interacted playfully with peers after completing the exercise. He stopped talking; however, when Ms. Teacher began reviewing answers with the class. He smiled as peers made funny comments, but remained quiet as Ms. Teacher spoke. Justin walked to the trashcan and echoed a student’s comment on the way back to his seat, but was quiet once he sat down. He was able to answer correctly a multiplication fact problem when called on at random by the teacher, in a low, soft-spoken voice.

Ms. Teacher, special education teacher, observed Justin in the resource classroom, during English II. Justin was working out of the KCCT coach book. He raised his hand and asked the teacher a question. When he completed the task, he put his book on the shelf and returned to his seat. He sat quietly with his head down waiting for other students to finish for the rest of the period. The classroom teacher reported this was a typical day for Justin.

Testing Observations: During the testing session, Justin appeared to put forth an honest effort and persisted on difficult items. Based upon his performance on these given days, the results appear to be a fair and valid assessment of his current levels of functioning.

The WIAT-II was completed to provide basic measures of Justin’s academic skill development in the domains of basic reading, written language, and listening comprehension. It is generally expected that these standardized measures will be consistent with the previously reported measures of intellectual capacity.

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