You must select a set of organizational leaders (at least four senior people that work together) with whom you are reasonably familiar. You may use an organization that you have worked for or currently work for. Your observation and/or knowledge of individuals in the organization will be important inputs to the assignment.

Identify the most important strategic challenge that the organization you have selected faces. Clearly define the challenge and the likely consequences for the organization if it fails to act. Set out what you believe are the likely attitudes of the various leaders to this challenge, for example is the CEO fearful or optimistic? Is the CFO likely to want deep analysis before acting?

Consider and outline 2-3 options that you believe could best address the challenge. Options could be any course of action, from acquiring another business to a cost-cutting programme. You must present the options and select one as a recommendation.

Create a visual stakeholder engagement plan on one page that sets out the actions you believe necessary to align relevant people to your plan. Each one of the four (or more) individual stakeholders must feature in the plan. Each action you propose must be aligned to the needs of the individual and the action selected should reflect the individual’s attitude. For example, a 1:1 interview with a potentially skeptical stakeholder rather than an email communication.

Your assignment submission should be 2,000 words (±10%) and must look professional. Your report must be structured and divided into numbered sections that correspond logically to your chosen structure. You should include an overall introduction and conclusion. In addition to the 2,000 word essay, you must include a one-page Stakeholder Engagement Plan.

As a company, I have chosen Porsche and in terms of people, I would choose Oliver Blume (CEO), Lutz Meschke
(CFO), Detlev von Platen (CMO) & Michael Steiner (R&D) and the CEO Alexander Pollich of Porsche Deutschland GmbH (subsidiary for the German steering market)


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