Choose three questions from the four below:

  1. Select THREE of the following terms: first, provide a definition for each term in the item, then explain how the three items are theoretically linked (for instance: dynamic capabilities & core competencies with technology transfer with KIBS)

a)  Radical innovation & Incremental innovation

b)  Basic research & Applied research

c)  Dynamic capabilities & Core competencies

d)  Knowledge Intensive Business Services (KIBS)

e)  Technology transfer

f)  Defensive & Offensive technology strategy (as in Freeman & Soete’s taxonomy)

  • This type of question requires short but concise answers.
  • The following sources of external knowledge are used by firms to help improve their innovation efforts. Describe ALL of these external knowledge sourcing routes and highlight key advantages and limitations for ALL options listed below.
  • Universities
  • Suppliers
  • Lead users

Hence analysing the external knowledge implications for the firm that is using the knowledge.

  • Answer ALL parts:
    a) Describe what you understand by the term Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)?
    b) For firms, what are the main arguments for and against patenting?

This requires a more concise answer

Assume equal weighting of marks for all three parts of the question

  • What are the main determinants of geographical decentralisation of R&D in Multinational Companies (MNCs)? Also what are the advantages and disadvantages of decentralised R&D for MNCs? Illustrate your answer with ONE practical company example of your choice.

This type of question is ‘open ended’ – you have scope to prioritise topic areas that you wish to discuss here.

Please provide examples and references for each question.

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