Research must be based on the book I am Malala, not internet material. Identify 4 stages for Malala including the “gifts” she received and gifts brought to society (3 stages plus stage 10 Gifts = 4 total). The one-paragraph introduction to the paper should provide Campbell’s thesis to his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, and state Malala’s accomplishments in general. The introduction to each stage throughout the paper should provide Campbell’s description of the stage in general, and the purpose, then a full paragraph description of the stage for Malala. Hint: Malala begins her book in the Prologue with Stage 4, the Belly of the Whale when she is shot by the Taliban. Do not use contractions in your paper. Four to five pages in length, double-line spaced, Include parenthetical references and page numbers throughout the paper from both Campbell and Malala’s book. Example, at the end of the sentence that you want to reference put (Campbell, 131), or (Yousafzai, 129), etc.

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