This paper is pretty open to write about whatever you want that pertains to masculinity studies.

Professional Writing: Perhaps a marketing/curriculum plan for the student organization MMARS: Middletown Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault; or, designs for other advocacy efforts?
Pedagogical: Perhaps a plan for a course module the provides rationale for assigned texts focused on an area this course needs to cover? A project in this area might make a case, for instance, about a feature of masculinity studies this course should include and make an argument for a set of texts, exercises, assignments that would constitute a course unit devoted to that feature.
Theory: Perhaps papers that expand on an area we cover in this course or one we should be covering? A project in this area might take a view of a particular area of feminism or a particular theorist and articulate/critique their assumptions about masculinity.
Cultural/Literary Analysis: Perhaps a paper that brings to bear issues we discuss in this class to a literary or cultural text (movie, comic books, etc.)? Such an analysis would use theories of masculinity to unpack features of the text and vice versa (the text speaks back to/extends notions of masculinity.
Creative Writing: Perhaps poetry, stories, creative non-fiction/memoir, screenplays, etc., that help viewers explore dimensions of masculinity?
Rhetorical Analysis: Perhaps a project focused on the ways masculinity shapes/is shaped by language in particular venues/circumstances (e.g., chop busting, “locker room” talk, online dating, etc.)?
Integrated and/or Multi-Modal: Perhaps a projects that combines the modes listed above and/or employs media beyond writing?

Here are a couple different ideas:

  1. What are the detriments to toxic masculinity (Persuasive Essay)
  2. Why do straight white men perceive themselves as the victim (Research Essay)
  3. The masculinity of baking (An analysis of the split gender roles of men and women in the kitchen, i.e, at home versus professionally)
  4. A history of the masculinity of poetry and artistic expression is tied to masculinity along class oriented lines.
  5. Yet another essay on why Trump supporters are really insecure. “

“For this project, you are going to be looking at the ideals and concepts of masculinity as it pertains to the world of video games, a medium I’m well versed in. For most of the forty years video games have been widely available to consumers, it’s been a male-dominated market (for historical reasons you can get into depth about later), but recently it’s become more omnisex and genderless.Discuss how video games have shaped culture of men and, more specifically, how the culture of men has shaped video games. “

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