(Master degree Research Essay, 2750words excluding references, use Harvard Style Reference)
Essay broad topic:
‘Devolving health care to NGOs is a particularly efficient way for developing countries to respond to the health concerns of their citizens.’ Critically discuss this with reference to a particular country context.

Essay main argument: how the healthcare NGOs affects the public health in Pakistan?

Research proposal is ready in the attached file, follow the proposal and the structure below to do the essay.
Attached readings must be read and critically engage in the essay;

Essay Structure:
-Intro-tell the reason why it is important to do this research, goals of this essay and tell the main argument, brief literature review;
-Theory-which theory will be using to support the argument, from whom, and how does it connect with the topic and the argument; (theory from Paul Farmer and James Pfeiffer);
-Case study- Pakistan Red Crescent and Hope Uplift Foundation; research for these two healthcare NGOs, and write in details about what each of them have done differently to contribute and help with the public health in Pakistan; also what struggles they are facing;
-Analysis-What findings can take from the cases, how the healthcare NGOs helped the public health in the country in which aspect of the public health? what problems are still there or what are the new problems; struggles…and what can be done; critically engage with the theories that mentioned above;
-Conclusion-summary of major findings, suggestions for what can be done in the future for the country, NGOs and the government; also what can be done in future research.

Please follow the above structure.

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