Purpose and Background Information of the Assessment Task:   Andy Mulligan has explored numerous issues in the creation of his text ‘Trash’. Students have developed their understanding of the issues and themes of poverty, corruption and greed. Students will explore how the author has depicted these issues through a structured analytical essay.
 TASK DESCRIPTION: Your task is to write 700-800 words in an analytical essay format, making sure you back up your response with examples from the text.   ‘How has Andy Mulligan depicted the issues of corruption, greed and poverty through his novel, ‘Trash,’ and how do his language choices, when describing these issues, influence the reader? OR ‘Everyone needs a key. With the right key you can bust the door wide open. Because nobody’s going open it for you.’ To what extent does Trash demonstrate this idea?   OR ‘The qualities of each character and their friendship enable them to overcome hardship.’ Discuss.
Tips:   Start your essay by trying to hook the reader in whilst trying to incorporate the main idea of the essay. Remember to include the author’s name and the novel your essay is focusing on. Do not use personal pronouns. Body paragraphs need to contain a topic sentence and concluding sentence. All the information you include in your body paragraph should be working towards answering your essay question. Refer constantly back to the question and ask yourself, what is the question actually asking? I do not want plot recount. You must stick to one major point per paragraph. Your inclusion of quotes should be an extension of your own writing, not just lumped in to your paragraph. You need to integrate them with fluency and clarity. Your conclusion should answer your essay question by summarizing your points made in your essay. You do not include new information in your conclusion. All points that you wanted to make should already be in your body paragraphs. Write fluently – this means make your sentences flow on to each other seamlessly. Your paragraph should not read as dot points. Connect your ideas using connective conjunctions such as; additionally, also, however, etc.  


  • Step 1 Identify areas within the novel that relate to your essay question.
  • Step 2 Brainstorm examples and quotes.
  • Step 3 Plan your main argument and evidence (2 or 3 key points).
  • Step 4 Draft your essay whilst following the correct essay structure (e.g. introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion). You will need to use at least two embedded quotes per paragraph. But remember, you do not need to include the whole quote. Only use what is necessary to the point you are making.
  • Step 5 Check your draft .
  • Step 6 Edit your work and submit your essay on time.

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