The American Revolution marks an important moment in the history of the United States in
developing its national identity. The colonists that settled at Jamestown, Plymouth, and many
other areas along the eastern shore grappled with questions of governing bodies. Who will rule
the American colonists? Who will rule at home? In asserting themselves as separate from Great
Britain, American colonists underwent many cultural changes to distinguish themselves, as well
as their burgeoning nation, as independent from King George and England.
Write an analytical essay (750-1000 words, 3-4 pages) that makes an insightful and compelling
assessment of how changes within the local communities contributed to the American
Revolution using evidence from Book of Ages and other primary readings (listed on Canvas).
You may wish to address some, or all, of these questions:
• How did colonists respond to taxation without representation (think of all the Acts the
British imposed on American colonists)?
• What advancements in the development of a print culture helped fuel changing ideas?
• How did American colonists define their sense of freedoms?

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