Problem;Mass Incarceration

  1. Statement of the problem, including prevalence (how often it occurs), historical aspects (where and when it began) and causes (why it happens)
  2. Discussion of related social policy and laws, descriptions of key players (individuals, groups) and macro-level interventions proposed (e.g. community action plan; lobbying for systems change—such as legal action, institutional reform, government intervention)
  3. Micro-level interventions such as local resources and referrals (ex. what is available in Long Beach, LA, and CA to help the people with the problem)
  4. Discussion of Diversity: Discuss how various populations are differentially impacted by the issue (e.g. select at least one high risk group, such as – poor women/men, the disabled, elderly, homeless, ethnic minorities, undocumented persons, or the mentally ill)
  5. Global Perspective: Research and discuss the macro and micro policies and resources available in at least one other country in the world. Are their methods more successful than ours in America? Explain your rationale for why and how it is more beneficial for citizens of that country.

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