Situation: you are completing an internship at the Student Wellness Center, where your supervisor is very concerned about the amount of drinking that students are engaging in. You are asked to develop a program to alter student’s perceptions about alcohol use and reduce overuse of alcohol. Select one of the health behavior theories we have covered so far (self-efficacy theory, theory of reasoned action/planned behavior, or health belief model) to design your intervention. Be sure to include all constructs from the theory you select, and describe how each construct affects student’s decisions about alcohol use. An ‘A’ paper will provide more than one example of each construct. For example, if using the Health Belief Model, you should discuss multiple perceived barriers to performing the desired behavior (reduced alcohol use), not just one.

Clearly describes each model construct that your program employs

Provides a brief rationale for the theory that you chose for your program

Discusses in 1-2 sentences other factors that may influence student’s intentions

Uses correct spelling and grammar and is no longer than one single-spaced page

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